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Approved Industries

 Consumer Financing Programs for Retail  Customers

Home Improvement
(*Requires installation by a Registered Contractor)
   o Residential HVAC*
   o Residential Plumbing*
   o Whole-House Water Filtration Systems*
   o Flooring & Tile
   o Residential Roofing*
   o Cabinets/Countertops
   o Garage Door Installation*
   o Gutters & Siding
   o Windows & Doors*
   o Painting*
   o Landscaping/Fencing*
   o Home Entertainment Systems
   o Home Security/Management Systems
   o Foundation Repair*
   o Artificial Turf*
   o Hot Tubs/Spas & Walk-In Tubs
   o Blinds/Window Treatments

Consumer Goods (Must be Products Over $1000)
   o Furniture (Indoor/Outdoor)
   o Mattress
   o Electronics
      § Televisions
      § Personal Computers
      § Tablets/Laptops
      § Home Stereo
   o Appliances
      § Washer/Dryer
      § Refrigerator
      § Dishwasher 
      § Owner Installed Water Filtration Systems
      § Espresso Machines
   o Sporting Goods
      § Fitness/Exercise Equipment
      § Golf Clubs § Bicycles
      § Camping Equipment
   o Automotive
      § Tires/Wheels
   o Pets
   o Power Tools & Landscaping Equipment
   o Musical Instruments
   o Other Products Over $1000

Medical Services
   o Dentistry
      § Orthodontics
      § Dental Implants
      § Periodontal Surgery
   o Cosmetic Surgery
      § Breast Augmentation
      § Liposuction / Tummy Tuck
      § Implants
      § Rhinoplasty

   o MedSpa Treatments
      § Laser Hair Removal
      § Laser Tattoo Removal
      § Physician Assisted Skin Treatments

   o Hair Restoration
   o ED Treatments
   o Fertility Treatments
   o Bariatric Surgery
   o Lasik Eye Surgery
   o Veterinary Services
   o Chiropractic

• Medical Devices
   o Hearing Aids
   o Power Wheelchair & Mobility Scooters
   o Chair Lifts
   o Visual Impairment Assistance Equipment
   o Medical Beds
   o In-Home Medical Devices Over $1000

• Automotive Repair
   o General Auto Repair
   o Transmission Repair & Replacement
   o Collision Repair & Auto Body
   o Engine Repair & Replacement
   o Performance Upgrades

• Powersports
(* Lease to Own Program Available for items under 150cc)
   o ATV
   o Dirt Bikes
   o Scooter & Moped*
   o Golf Carts
   o Jet Skis/Wave Runners
   o Snowmobiles
   o Segways

• Funeral Services
   o Burials and Cremations
   o Caskets/Headstones/Urns

Restricted Industries

• Jewelry
• Car Stereo & Alarm
• Guns / Weapons
• Auto Loans (Purchase Of New/Used Autos)
• Professional Services
• Attorney / Paralegal
• Travel
• Website Development
• Vocational / Training Programs
• Pawn Shops
• Bail Bonds
• Anything In Porn